How To Join The PTA 

1) Register on the site and log-in.
2) Fill out the PTA Membership Form found under the Documents tab. It is also available at school.
3) Return your completed form and payment to school.

Volunteer On A Committee! 

Want to Volunteer? Simply email JVES.PTA@GMAIL.COM or complete this form and return to school.
Basic Committee Descriptions
All committee chairpersons need to attend a meeting near the start of the school year to receive their procedure books and budget. They should also plan to attend Back-to-School Night at which time they will need to set up a display to highlight their committee - this is a great way to meet new people and find volunteers for your committee. Each committee is required (as stated in our by-laws) to submit a committee report form monthly to inform the board of current and upcoming activities. All committees have a guidebook with detailed information and sources from previous years.
Book Fair: The PTA holds 2 book fair (each a week long) through a vendor. The first is a fundraiser (fall); the second (spring) is a service (i.e. buy one, get one free.) Includes set-up and clean-up for the fair and procuring and scheduling volunteers for the event.
Bull Roast: This annual event earns much needed money for the school, as well as, offering fun for the community!
BoxTops: Collect and submit BoxTops submitted by students and businesses. Organize volunteers to help collect and count BoxTops.
Family Night Out: A fundraiser in partnership with an area restaurant. (i.e. Jarrettsville Creamery, McDonald's, Friendly's, Papa John's) Chair will organize several events over the year and the restaurant will share a portion of the profits with the PTA. 
Teacher Appreciation Week:  Organize volunteers and events for a special celebration of the teachers and staff at JVES. Usually in May.
Holiday Workshop: Organize a Holiday Workshop event where students can shop for inexpensive gifts. Held in December. Order product, using allotted budget, set-up, run, and clean-up event, organize volunteers to help with the event. This is not a fundraising event.
JEMS Fair:  Organize the Jarrettsville Elementary Math & Science Fair. Prepare and distribute flyers describing the fair to students. Organize volunteers and the fair event, which is usually held in March. Make a short presentation to classes or grade level pods to describe this program to students.
JUMPER: (Chair-Shari Morris) Jarrettsville Urges More Pupils to Enjoy Reading is a program that encourages our students to read for fun. Chair organizes volunteers, prizes, and ribbons and program end certificates. This program runs from October to March. 
JVES Night at the Yard:  A fundraising event in conjunction with the Baltimore Orioles. 455 tickets were sold last year! Work with a representative from the Orioles to choose a game date, advertise the game, send out order forms, collect ticket orders and payment, and distribute tickets.
Nominating: (3 positions open for 2016-2017) This committee requires 3 members as per our bylaws. Find willing volunteers to fill vacant board and committee positions for the next year.
Outreach: Work with local organizations to organize charitable giving for students and families at JVES. Send out information to families, arrange for collection and delivery of donated items one time per quarter.
Reflections: Organize this art show following the guidelines provided and supported by the National PTA. This includes sending out fliers outlining entry rules, arranging for "judges", displaying artwork for the evening show (held in November or December), and forwarding selected entries to the county level.
Spring Fling: This is one of out largest fundraisers, both in terms of dollars and organization and preparation. The Spring Fling is held towards the end of the year on a Friday evening. Weather permitting the event is held outside. It takes an army of parent volunteers to make Spring Fling a success.
Teacher/Staff Welfare:  A program that recognizes birthdays, deaths, surgeries, ect. of our school staff. Responsible for purchasing (using the budget allotted) a card and small gift for the recipient. May also be asked to handle other events as they come up.
Volunteers:  In conjunction with school administration and teachers, solicit volunteers for various  PTA and school events. Create sign-up sheets on the website for volunteers to use. Help the Assistant Principal organize a Volunteer Recognition Celebration, usually held in May. 
Interested In Serving on the Board? 
The JVES PTA will hold our annual election at our General Meeting in June in the Media Center.
All board positions will be open for election. Our bylaws state that the PTA Board of Director positions have a term of one year, with no more that 2 consecutive terms in the same office. We hope that you will consider volunteering to hold one of the board positions. 
Duties of officers include, but are not limited to,
-preside at all general membership meetings and Board of Director meetings.
-coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the JVES PTA
-be a member of all committees, with the exception of the nominating committee
-review monthly bank statements
-review and update website 
-represent JVES PTA at all council meetings or send an alternate

Vice President

-act as aide to the president
-perform the duties of president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve 


-record the minutes of all general and board of director meetings
-be prepared to read the minutes of previous meetings
-file all records, maintain a current copy of the bylaws, and maintain a current membership list
-review and update website 
-complete Use of Facilities forms for all PTA events at school 
-complete all PTA correspondence including, but not limited to, donation solicitation letters and thank you letters. 



-have custody of all PTA funds
-keep account of receipts and expenditures, including reconciliation of bank statements each month
-make disbursements as authorized by the board of directors in accordance with the budget
-present a current financial statement at all general and board of director meetings
-make a final report before newly elected officers assume their duties
-be responsible for the maintained of such books of account and records as to confirm to the bylaws
-be responsible for preparing or having prepared and filing all necessary tax returns.
-have accounts examined at the end of the year by a auditing committee

Both the Maryland State PTA and the Harford County Council PTA offer many no-cost training sessions throughout the year for PTA officers.
If you would like more information about any of the officer positions please contact any of the current officers at,